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Engineered glycopeptide-based micro/nanomotors for anti-tumoral co-drug release
Project status: Ongoing
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This project proposes to remedy the limitations of the common drug therapy for melanoma by designing a new type of micro/nanomotor constructed via the supramolecular assembly of new glycopeptides and enzyme-conjugated magnetic nanoparticles. They will have a stomatocyte shape (concave resembling with blood erythrocytes) that will allow the loading hydrophobic and hydrophilic anti-cancer drugs for enhanced anti-tumoral activity. By combining both engines on the same carrier, self-propelled particles using two different fuels will be obtained. These multiple-fueled biocompatible swimmers with molecular targeting functionality (given by the polypeptide blocks) will have a significant contribution to make them applicable in a biomedical context emerging as systems with higher complexity, superior output control, and multifunctionality.


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