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Soft electromechanical transducers based on 3D printed silicones
Project status: Ongoing
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The project aims at developing a 3D silicone printing technology for electromechanical stretchable and flexible displacement sensors/actuators to eliminate the disadvantages of the classic production processes of these devices, ensuring real time production of complex geometries with high accuracy (and reversible configuration of DETs), involving the formulation and optimization of silicone materials both for dielectric and electrode suitable for 3D printing of DET, the construction of the printer and the development of adaptable software for the production of DETs with different degrees of complexity. Immediate applications of the printed DETs aimed at civil engineering as sensors for monitoring the tension in the structural elements, as dampers for attenuating the seismic movement in buildings, bridges and foundations but also in the field of material testing (determining the Poisson ratio in soil samples). Thus, in the project, the silicone to be injected will be optimized, the 3D silicone printer will be built and optimized to produce electromechanical transducers (actuators and sensors).

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