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Multi-stimuli responsive silicone composites for switchable dual-function transducers
Project status: Ongoing
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Considering the results and experience obtained in the field of dielectric elastomers (DE) as well as from the current state of research in this area of great interest, in the present project it is proposed to extent the applicability of these materials through an original approach. The project aims to develop dielectric elastomers with multiple functionalities, designed to be used as active elements in switchable transducers (actuator/sensor). The originality of the proposed solution consists in combining the excellent properties of silicone elastomers with those of spin crossover complexes (SCO) and exploiting the synergy between them. SCO materials will be physically incorporated into the silicone matrices without the use of solvents. Presently, there are no reported materials based on this combination in the literature, but the preliminary results are very promising and support the approach taken in this project. The SCO materials will have a dual function when incorporated into the silicone matrix: enhancing the dielectric permittivity and turning the composite material into a multi-stimuli responsive one, for temperature, light, pH and magnetic field. These materials could represent the basis of a new generation of transducers, offering technological compatibility for a wide range of applications such as: stretchable sensors, flexible electronics, robotics, energy harvesting, medical devices and environmental monitoring.

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