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Chitooligosaccharides based hydrogels for the co-delivery of antiviral and antifungal agents
Project status: Ongoing
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     The project aims to obtain chitooligosaccharides based hydrogels for the co-delivery of antiviral and antifungal agents, used in both HIV and HIV associated co-infections treatment. The hydrogels obtained by the acid condensation of chitooligosaccharides with 2-formyl phenyl boronic acid will be used for the encapsulation of tenofovir antiviral drug. The hydrogels and drug delivery systems will be characterized from the structural, supramolecular and morphological points of view using different techniques. Rheological measurements will be used in order to evaluate the thixotropic behavior of the hydrogels, while their biodegradability will be monitored in vitro in the presence of lysozyme.  Last but not least, the antifungal activity and the biocompatibility of the systems will be also evaluated.  

More information here: https://danielaailincai.wixsite.com/hiv-fight

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