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Highly sensitive immunoassay device based on natural resources
Project status: Ongoing
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Acronym: HISENSE

Project code: PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2019-0169 

No.: 520PED ⁄ 02.11.2020

Contract Authority: UEFISCDI

Contractor: ICMPP

Budget: 600000 lei

Duration: 24 months

In the last years, significant progress has occurred in information technology, sensors, and materials science. In medicine particularly, a timely fashion detection of a certain disease and accurate diagnosis is crucial. From this point of view, point-of-care biosensors is envisioned as a future tool. This research project proposes a new approach to fabricate such highly sensitive biosensors to detect proteins. The strategy involves the activation of cellulose substrate, by a nanostructured engineering procedure to selectively introduce a high amount of carboxyl groups, followed by anchoring specific moieties which will eventually act as a triggering sites for the specific detection and immobilization of proteins. Two proteins were used as a model analyte to fabricate the immunosensor, i.e. human IgG, and bovine serum albumin. The proposed biosensor may exhibit a good specificity, stability, and reproducibility. Our strategy may pave a simple way to fabricate highly sensitive immunosensors for a wide range of applications

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