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-> Synthesis of proligands based on indolo[2,3-c]quinoline and indolo[3,2-d]benzazepine derivatives and their metal and organometallic complexes, establishment of their structure in solid state and in biological media, investigation of physico-chemical and spectroscopic properties.
-> Determination of their antiproliferative activity in different cancer cell lines and in a normal noncancerous cell-line, establishment of SARs.
-> Estimation of their ability to inhibit enzymes that can be considered as possible targets in anticancer chemotherapy.
-> Attempts to get an insight into the molecular basis for antiproliferative activity and enzyme inhibition by studying adducts enzyme-inhibitor using advanced methods of mass spectrometry, molecular modeling calculations, protein X-ray crystallography.
-> Encapsulation of metal complexes into liposomes as carriers to study their in vivo selective tumor delivery.
-> Investigation of the drug accumulation in the tumor and comparison with usual formulations.


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