"Petru Poni"
Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry


Subprogram manager: Dr. Anton AIRINEI

Project 8.1. Interactions in complex systems.
Photophysical and photochemical effects

Project manager: Dr. Anton AIRINEI, e-mail: airineia@icmpp.ro

Project 8.2. Physical chemistry of some multicomponent polymer systems. Materials with special properties and applications

Project manager: Dr. Cornelia VASILE, e-mail: cvasile@icmpp.ro

Project 8.3. Multiphase polymer systems

Project manager: Dr. Anca FILIMON, e-mail: afilimon@icmpp.ro

Project 8.4. Multifunctional polymer materials from renewable resources

Project manager: Dr. Diana Elena CIOLACU, e-mail: dciolacu@icmpp.ro

Project 8.5. Transport processes in multicomponent polymer systems

Project manager: Dr. Andreea Irina BARZIC, e-mail: cosutchi.irina@icmpp.ro